Job Opportunities

Wouldn’t you like to work in a company where you can find challenging work in a creative and rewarding environment, where the entrepreneurial spirit is rewarded, where the work tests and develops your professional skills and where a sense of humor is truly appreciated?

Our winning team of highly-experienced engineers thrive on fast-paced challenges and problem-solving. This is no easy ride, but working with the best is always an energizing experience. Within focused teams, productivity soars and attention to detail earns its own degree of respect. Work is not the center of our lives, but we strive for it to be a positive environment with a highly developed culture of teamwork and a tangible sense of success. And it’s an added bonus when your friends and family can recognize your contribution to widely appreciated products from globally recognized brands at the local electronics store!

Thank you for your interest in a career. There are no new job openings at this time. Please check back often.

Solekai Systems is always accepting employment inquiries from professionals interested in joining our teams. If you are interested in a career at Solekai Systems, please use our online resume form to apply. Solekai Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer.